Activate and Setup your netTALK Device

Thank you for purchasing our netTALK DUO. To begin the activation process, please find your temporary username and password located on a sticker in your box packaging. Then follow below steps to setup your DUO:

Register New DUO Online
1. Register New DUO Online

Start Activation Start Activation

Did you receive a replacement device?

If so, do not activate your device online. Please contact technical support by using our live chat support and we will transfer your existing netTALK account onto your replacement device.

Connect Your DUO to High Speed Internet
2. Connect Your DUO


  • Plug your DUO to your Router or Computer

For help to setup your DUO with your Router or Computer, visit our DUO Setup page


  • Connect your DUO WiFi to your High Speed Internet Router

For help to setup your DUO with your WiFi Router, visit our DUO WiFi Setup page

Plug DUO to your Home Phone
3. Get Ready to Make Calls
  • Plug your netTALK DUO to a standard home phone
  • Wait for the light to turn green and your phone to ring once

DUO Ready To UseCongratulations!
Your DUO is all set and ready to use.

For more support, visit our customer support page for additional information.