Now the world is your network – at no extra charge

Do you have friends and family abroad? If your loved ones living out of the country have any netTALK DUO model, then you don’t need to worry about paying for costly international calls. netTALK provides free in-network calling to any netTALK customer worldwide. Yes, that means free International calling!

Unlimited Talking with DUO to DUO for Free
International Fees
Talk Limit Anytime
Roaming Charge

Making and receiving calls between any two DUOs worldwide is always free. Talk whenever – absolutely FREE!
Go ahead, keep one and send one to friends and family abroad for free unlimited calling worldwide.

Call Anywhere for Free
How does it work?
  1. Keep one, send one to friends and family
  2. Activate both DUO’s with a US or Canadian phone number
  3. Call each other (or any other DUO), just like making local calls, unlimited for free, worldwide!
  4. Never worry about international calling charges ever again.