Reasonable Use Policy

netTALK has created this reasonable usage policy (“Policy”) to guide their clients understand the intended uses and permitted manner of our service, and to prevent exploitation, fraud and abuse of unlimited calling plans and features. This policy is based on the relevant provisions in the Terms of Service and is applicable to all our services.

Our Terms of Service are in of our residential services.

The normal reasonable use

netTALK residential unlimited service plans and features are a prepaid service only for normal residential or personal, noncommercial use, and are limited to 1,500 minutes of use (MOU) monthly. Calling is excess of 1,500 MOU will require an additional prepaid charge. This means that only the account holder, the residential family members, and extensions netTALK™ registered by the account holder can use netTALK residential unlimited service plans. Residential family members include your immediate family residing in your personal residence – for example, spouse, domestic partner, parents and / or children. If your residential service plan allows you to expand the service or feature (s) to a residential or mobile number, any use of that service plan is added and must comply to normal residential or personal, noncommercial use.

Unauthorized use(s)

netTALK assesses customer usage as compared to similarly situated customers (residential use in residential service plans. Each of the following is considered unusual or personal residential, use and is an unacceptable use of our residential:

  • The use by or for others who do not live with you, or, with respect to extensions netTALK™ plans, other extensions that are not registered users of netTALK™
  • Operation of a business, even if the residence is operated.
  • Operation of any enterprise, including nonprofit
  • Operation of a call center
  • Resale to other
  • Automatic dialing or fax / voice of explosions
  • Telemarketing
  • The use without direct dialogue, including use as a monitor, intercom or for transcription purposes
  • Excessive Unique numbers called
  • Excessive Length of calls
  • Excessive Call forward / transfer
  • Excessive Conference Calls
  • Excessive short calls

Based on this combination, may determine that netTALK abnormal use, unreasonable or impermissible is happening and can take appropriate steps described below to enforce this policy and the Terms of Service (the “Rights of netTALK”).

Because we offer ultra low international calling plans we must aggressively ensure that our use plans are not abused (abuse hurts everyone). Therefore our international plans which are solely geared for residential use are subject to netTALK’s sole evaluation of use consistent with our residential service offering. netTALK may use any of a number of combined indicators when determining non-residential like usage. These include but are not limited to: excessive minute usage, excessive numbers called, excessive call time, excessive countries called, traffic pumping numbers called. netTALK will always strive to bring the best service at the lowest cost to its residential customers. People who need an international business telephone service would be best served on netTALK’s per minute international plan, which is among the lowest priced, highest quality in the industry.

Lawful and proper purposes only

You may not use our services or devices in any manner that is unlawful, fraudulent, improper or inadequate. You may not use any automated means to manipulate our service or use our service to violate any law, rule, regulation or third party intellectual property or personal rights.

netTALK Rights

We reserve the right to review your account and take further action if the use of the account is beyond the normal standards, objectionable or harmful to other customers the ability to use the service or negatively affect our operations. We can assess abnormal use of the basis of comparisons of usage patterns and levels of other customers. If we determine that you are involved in abnormal use or not allowed, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to inform and give you the opportunity to correct the misuse. If you cannot correct the usage activity to comply with normal use, we can exercise our right to transfer your service to a more appropriate charge with applicable fees, suspend or discontinue the Service with or without notice. If we believe that our service has been used for an unlawful purpose, may terminate your Service immediately with or without notice and / or send communications and other relevant information to competent authorities for investigation and prosecution. We reserve all our legal rights.


netTALK reserves the right to change this policy at any time. The changes are effective when a revised policy will be sent to the websites of netTALK.