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netTALK DUO Setup- Router

Follow these simple steps to setup your new netTALK DUO

Required: high-speed Internet, modem or router, phone

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  • Step 5



1. Activate your Device

  1. Locate your username and password inside of the box.
  2. Go to www.nettalk.com/activate and follow the activation instructions to activate your netTALK DUO / DUO II.

2. Connect ethernet cable

  1. Connect the gray Ethernet cable into the “ETH” port on the DUO
  2. Connect the other end into an available Ethernet port on your router

3. Connect to your phone

  1. Connect your phone into the “TEL” port on the DUO

4. Connect USB cable

  1. Connect the black USB cable into the “MINI USB” port on the DUO
  2. connect the AC Adapter to the other end of the black USB cable
  3. Connect it to a power outlet

5. DUO auto syncs with our network

  1. A green light (located: top-left of the “ETH” port) will turn on indicating it is getting power.
  2. A yellow light (located: top-right of the “ETH” port) will pulsate indicating it is registering with our network.
  3. Please be patient, this automatic process may take a minute. After the DUO registers, it will ring your phone once. You should now hear a dial tone and be able to place and receive calls on the DUO.
  4. If you experience any issues during this process, please submit a trouble ticket at faq.nettalk.com.

Download Configuration Guide